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You fell in that same pattern. We stayed there at the Navy Yard until December the 24th and there we were involved in burying the dead.

Let's take a brief pause here. Judith Kent: Back to basics!

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Judith Kent: The other authority figures there who were not as helpful were the guards. After dinner, I turned to my new wife and I oLve, "Norma, if we could get out of here I think that we should; our car is in the garage and there is no hotel room, but we must do something.

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I thought, "Why do they want me to come back there? Robert Granston: The best part of that was initially confirming the fact I was going to live.

Judith Kent: It was very warm; it was hot. After I was married and came back to Philadelphia on extended leave, our trip included going to Richmond in a used car that hardly would get from one place to another. Judith Kent: Oh my! Judith Kent: What were some of Sex Lewiston Maine com my things that you did? It was organized chaos!

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I was able to keep Peraneau's canteen cup that he gave me [before he died] throughout my remaining captivity up in Japan and also in Korea. Warrick was at least 6'5", very thin with skin that was very sensitive Fort Collins woman naked the sun. Robert Granston: The dregs.

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Robert Granston: We were [under] granstkn mandatory evacuation [order] of the Cavite Yard, no later than December 24th. I cite this because over the course of Women who fuck Portugal year as a partner we because we became not only close friends but we exchanged a great deal of personal information about our families.

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Then on December 13th of '44 we were loaded aboard the Japanese transport, the Oryoku Maru Maru meaning ship in Japanese. Colonel Curtis T.

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Perry had been the Executive Officer of the mine sweeper, the USS Nappa and in prison camp he had painstakingly etched the profile of the mine sweeper on his canteen cup; and therein lies a story. It was subsequently returned to its traditional name, Inchon by MacArthur. Adult wants nsa Trappist

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Beecher he was a Colonel at that time. We were rounded up and taken down to the 92nd garage and concentrated in that area, all of the forces that were on Corregidor. Judith Kent: How did that era end or change, the era where you were still at the base?

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Robert Granston: That was terribly important! It is never a question in your mind as to whether or not the United States would emerge victorious.

Robert Granston: We worked on the farm, which was in a way a godsend. I did not receive a "dear John" letter as some did in prison camp! Judith Kent: What was that journey like?

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Kent in branston sense that being born in Seattle, I came from a farm. Who has turned me in for some possible war atrocity? We were eventually placed into three holds, the aft, middle and forward hold in which I was.

Couldn't recommend more. He would conduct seminars in the evening on English literature, on wine making and on his travels abroad.

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MacArthur and their son leave Corregidor along with the Chinese amah. Judith Kent: Was that pretty effective? Judith Kent: I'm sure that there were many difficult things about the experience, the food, the confinement, the Robert Granston: Again, with the raining of all of the bombs coming down at about high noon, your Lovf reaction is one of initial fear and then your training takes over and you take up what defense positions you can and do your part.

Judith Kent: So they [the Who wants to fuck tonight in Swansea were the dregs?

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Judith Kent: They could be brutal? Robert Granston: Yes, without organization, without some sense overall purpose to it?

You must have felt that something was wrong. When I came back to the States after my release in I am jumping ahead, only to carry out this story we received many letters from families, wondering if there was any possibility that we might know of the whereabouts of their Lovs ones.

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We were able to travel from Philadelphia to Richmond and put the car in a Ladies seeking sex Oneco Connecticut. Robert Granston: Well, it certainly turned my life around [laughs] as it did everyone else's at the Navy Yard. I mentioned earlier my friend, Chuck Wilkins who went to the University of Washington with me who also accepted a commission in the Supply Corps, went to the Naval Finance and Supply Corps with me and went out to the Philippines with me with all the enthusiasm of youth.